Live Wire by Amber Lynn Natusch ~ Review

Live Wire (Blue-Eyed Bomb #1)


Live Wire

Written by Amber Lynn Natusch

Published on – August 30, 2016


Sapphira is a ticking time bomb.
Two years ago, she lost control of the unstable energies within her and caused a horrific supernatural incident. Since then, she and her family have lived in constant fear of another—and her freedom seems only a distant memory.
In Huskers Grove, Iowa, a darkness looms. A great and faceless evil. An evil that wants Sapphira. Can she master her abilities to save the ones she loves or will she fall victim to the enemy that seeks to take what is rightfully hers?

Review: 4 Stars

Amber did not disappoint, well to be honest, she never does.

I will admit I was so excited to read this book, but was also a bit scared to….I knew Amber would bring me to a world I would not want to leave and she accomplished that in spades.

I mean really, the worlds that this woman is able to create are beyond amazing and when I saw that I was almost done reading, I cried. I didn’t want Phira’s story to end.

I mean I, at one point, was so enamored with the story that I was reading in the dark and didn’t hear or see my son walking up to me (it didn’t help that while he was doing his creeping up on me, I was at a part that was a bit unnerving) needless to say he scared me and I hid under my covers laughing and cursing him all at the same time.

I may not have thought I’d enjoy Phira’s story when I first started…I mean really, she has some big shoes to fill. But by the end, I wanted to stay and see what would happen next. I fell in love with Phira and everyone around her.  I will be watching (stalking) Amber, looking for when I can expect more from her and her loveable characters, even if I want to shake them sometimes to snap them out of the hell they put themselves through – even if they don’t know it.

Thank you again, Miss Natusch, for giving me another reason to love you.

***Available on Kindle Unlimited***


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