Endure by S.E. Hall ~ blog tour ~ review ~ giveaway

Endure cover

Written by S.E. Hall


Our vessel may have cracks and dings, tatters in its sail, and sometimes takes on water… but it still cuts through the waves with authority.

Because of its Crew – bonded for life.


Will this be our final voyage… or just the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20764938-endure

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****4.5 Stars****

I will admit, I had high expectations for this book. Not only did S.E. Hall meet, but she surpassed every expectation I had.

I mean, really. It’s the CREW!! The Crew I have loved since book one Emerge. I mean we have Dane in all his bossy, hotness (and yes, he does both very well). Next comes Evan, his sweet side and we even learned that this country boy has a bit of a hot side himself. Then there is Sawyer, I mean he is the total package, hot, bossy, tatted, funny….I mean, yeah. Sawyer’s perfect, well….Yeah, he’s perfect. Then there’s Zach, will we ever get to see what or better yet, who Zach is? I mean, he’s the ultimate best friend, he’s there for everyone, always has their backs, but is there more to Zach we haven’t yet seen?

I think this book, if you’ve read the series you don’t want to be spoiled with what happens. I mean if someone would’ve spoiled this for me….yep, there might’ve been a bit of blood shed, at least tears would’ve been shed, so I’m not going to give anything away (hiss at me if you wish, but you’ll thank me later).

I mean, okay…I’ll give you something…is there a wedding? Yes! But that’s all you’re getting from me.

I have always loved the Crew, and the writing style of S.E. Hall, I mean really, for a book to transfer you from your couch, chair, car – wherever it is you read – and throw you into another world, a world where you might not be listed as a character, but it doesn’t mean you’re not there with them. Going through all of life’s ups and downs, you cheer with the characters when something amazing happens, you cry with them when things get a bit too much, I mean really. A book that can take you out of your life and throw you into another is amazing, and I’ll tell you this much. I felt like I was there with the Crew, my finger hitting my kindle turning to the next page like the hounds of hell were after me. Yes, I had to stop a few times, I mean – hello, Dane….I had to wipe the sweat from my brow, fan myself a few times, I even had to stop when the …… nope, like I said no spoilers here.

All I will say is the wait has been worth it to read this book. S.E. Hall has outdone herself, in my opinion – and hey, you’re reading this so you must want to know (HAHAHA) – and I am so grateful that I took the journey with the Crew when I first read Emerge and never looked back.

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